Derrick Roberts' initial intention upon graduation from Howard University, in 1986, was to apply to law school and become a malpractice attorney like his family had wanted.   His minor in theatre, however, opened Derrick's unapologetic passion for the arts and design world.   His knowledge and interest was growing rapidly and he knew that he had to pursue his new founded gift.

Following Roberts' graduation, he began acting and working with Off Broadway theatre companies. Traveling extensively throughout the early 90's as the head stage manager for Theatre Works USA, Roberts toured around the country for 2 full seasons. He enjoyed traveling the country with the state-of-the-art equipment that some of these theatres and major universities had to offer.   Theatre Works USA is the world's largest equity children's theatre company.

After Roberts' years of staging off Broadway production companies, he acquired a fabulous job as a lighting designer for one of the most successful lighting company's on the east coast.    

Eight years later, Roberts became nationally recognized for his second to none, cutting edge ideas, and innovatively executed lighting/event design.

Roberts has always felt that there were more goals to reach and more personal growth to obtain. In 2002, Roberts decided that the bad economy would force many well known companies to seek outside sources that could help them with thinking "beyond the box!" These well known companies realized they would NOT sustain their market shares without basic VALUE!"

To "New Beginnings"- DERRICK ROBERTS PRODUCTIONS, Inc. A creative and dynamic, fast paced, Full Service Event Production Company.

"Roberts doesn't subscribe to solving today's problems with yesterday's solutions. In an insecure time, some will say use themes that hark back to the tried and true. The dangerous thing about that, it's uncreative!     DERRICK ROBERTS PRODUCTIONS is a great opportunity for corporations to acquire high end design ideas with all their accoutrements of gracious elegance/style for a value price! The market came to us. It was starving for what we offer; Quality, Value and Excellence. Value is one of the most potent motivators for the frugal elite." DERRICK ROBERTS PRODUCTIONS had its niche.

"Many companies only go after the big clients". Personally, events are big & small, Roberts' enjoys them all. Dinosaurs became extinct yet rabbits are still abounded!

DERRICK ROBERTS PRODUCTIONS - Helping clients to take steps toward value, and away from price, makes financial sense.

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